Green Leaders

Austin Subaru

The Austin Subaru Green Team-made up of employees who are passionate about the environment–was formed to evaluate their dealership and find ways to reduce their impact on the environment. They’ve established several eco-friendly practices within their facility to reduce their carbon footprint and better serve our community including operating completely on solar-power, as well as recycling, composting, and eliminating plastic products.


Austin Water

For over 100 years, Austin Water has been committed to providing safe, reliable, high-quality and affordable water services to our customers. Many additions and improvements have been made over the years to keep Austin Water in step with technology and Austin’s growing population.

Austin’s first organized water system began in 1871 when a private company, under a franchise granted by the City, began pumping water from the Colorado River. In 1893, the 60-foot high Austin Dam was completed in the hopes that cheap hydroelectricity would lure business. After a catastrophic failure of the dam on April 7, 1900, parts of the city were flooded and destroyed. Shortly after that the City of Austin bought out the private water company and formed what is now Austin Water.


ABC Home & Commercial Services

From using natural and organic products and selling energy efficient appliances to installing LED holiday lights, helping customers be more energy efficient and eco-friendly is always at top of mind for everyone at ABC Home & Commercial Services. ABC is also Green Pro certified and practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which reduces the need to rely heavily on chemical controls and focuses more on creating an environment that is not conducive to pests. Internally, ABC has installed solar panels at their offices; uses rainwater tanks; and recycles everything from office papers to old water heaters, HVAC systems, refrigerants, and anything metal.


Chem-Free Organic Pest & Lawn Services

Chem-free has been Austin’s leading provider in totally natural, low-impact pest control solutions since 1990 and is Green Pro certified, an eco-friendly distinction awarded to less than 1% of pest control companies in the United States. Chem-free practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM), an effective and environmentally sensitive approach. IPM reduces the need rely heavily on chemical controls and focuses more on creating an environment that is not conducive to pests (ex: eliminating standing water, sealing up cracks and crevices around the home).


Freedom Solar Power

Freedom Solar is a full-service solar company installing solar panels and backup power systems for homeowners and businesses across Texas since 2007. Their mission has always been to provide complete residential and commercial solar power solutions that perform beyond your expectations for the life of your system. Freedom Solar wants to inform, educate, and engage Texans about solar energy. On their blog, you can learn more about the uses and benefits of solar energy, the types and efficiency of various solar panels, off grid solar and home power backup, how solar power systems work, and how solar panels compare to the Tesla solar roof. They also keep you up to date on environmental events around Texas, solar industry news, and unique projects we’ve completed.


Frontier Bank Of Texas

Frontier Bank of Texas is breaking new ground among Texas banks by identifying and acting on creative ways to help cut CO2 emissions. Not only has Frontier begun the process of installing solar panels at its banking locations in Central Texas, the bank recently became the first in Texas to finance a Texas Property Assessed Clean Energy or Texas PACE project. The PACE program encourages improvements such as HVAC replacement, solar panels, high-efficiency windows and doors, insulation and rainwater collection systems. Additionally, Frontier has long been a leader in making loans for agricultural sustainability efforts and has created numerous services and treasury management products that allow bank customers to travel less and accomplish more without the need to burn fossil fuels.